Personal Safety Requires the Confidence to Trust Your Gut in Scary Situations

As a speaker, I help event planners fill seats, get rave reviews, and empower women in their organizations to become strong leaders. Together we will help women develop the confidence to help them go from victim to victor in a dangerous situation.

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For 14 years I was a Special Agent with NCIS (Naval Criminal Investigative Service…like the tv show but not as cool). I relied on listening to my intuition to keep me safe. I was able to buy cocaine undercover, chase spies all over the world, interrogate rapists, and stand up for victims who had lost their voice.

How did I stay safe? Am I am black-belt ninja? Am I a gun-toting mamma? Am I a tough-looking GI Jane type?

Nope. I’m no different than you. I often get confused for a 2nd grade teacher. But looks can be deceiving. Along the way, I learned stereotypes can sometimes work to your advantage. How was I able to stay safe and catch so many bad guys? I bucked the stereotype. The bad guys thought I should look a certain way. When I challenged those stereotypes, their defenses went down, making it easy to beat them at their own game.

You see, strength & power have more to do with confidence and empowerment than physical skills.

I learned how to truly listen to my intuition to stay safe in dangerous situations. Now, I get to teach others how to be safe, successful and intuitive leaders.

Before my crazy adventure began, I was a Kappa Delta at Ball State University where I earned a Bachelor of Science in criminal justice & psychology. After a life changing experience as a social worker, I earned my Master of Science degree in criminology from Indiana State University. After all of that school, it was off to the world to save the day.

When I’m not wearing my Wonder Woman cape, I’m the mom to a son & daughter. I’m not scared of much, but the thought of packing lunches makes my blood pressure skyrocket. I carried a .40cal for years, but the thought of using a glue gun intimidates me. I would love to share my tips with you. Just don’t ask me to whip up a five course dinner or scrapbook.

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