Hi, I am Special Agent Heather


For 14 years I served as a Special Agent with NCIS

Now, I teach effective safety techniques for women & offer innovative prevention education for men

Every 107 seconds, another sexual assault occurs in America. But you don’t have to know jiu-jitsu or krav maga to stay safe.

As a special agent with the NCIS, I learned to protect myself in dangerous situations — and it has nothing to do with my physical stature or skills.

Now, I empower women to understand how their own self-defense is an inside-job and how their personal confidence, attention to their surroundings, and gut intuition are their best tools to keep themselves safe in any potentially dangerous situation.

Forget karate chops and safety whistles: every woman already has the tools she needs to stay safe. She just needs to learn to tune in and trust them.

Through my speaking presentations, I can take an entire room of women from feeling like potential victims to victors with simple, actionable tips and strategies they can employ to take control of their situations and their safety.

Since attending Heather’s workshop, I’ve started to look at the world differently. She opened my eyes to many things, but what struck me the most was how often women and girls ignore their own intuition to their personal detriment. I think all mothers and adolescent daughters should take this workshop together, it’s truly eye opening. I’m already singed up for the self defense course as I think this is a personal necessity. Heather’s method is so effective because she has the experience to back it up. She also understands the challenges young women face in today’s world. Heather is not naive to common young adult behaviors (such as extensive use of social media and alcohol consumption on college campuses) and is able to recommend realistic changes in behavior. I can’t say enough positive things about Heather and her company.
Kate Sherwood
Special Agent Heather is a wealth of knowledge based on years of real life experience. She has the ability to communicate and resonate with her audience in a way that empowers them to shed the veil of naiveté and protect themselves from the savviest of predators- both online and in their physical presence. Both as a parent and as a co-founder of a safe, private social media platform, I highly recommend Heather’s workshops and feel that her practical and powerful message is invaluable to teens and young women.
Janel Patterson, CEO/Co-Founder Frienedy